Train like a Sprinter


Track sprinting, track bunch racing and road racing all have one thing in common… the fastest, smartest rider generally wins!

We are running a series of 2 hour coached sprint training sessions to help all riders improve their sprinting skills.

These sessions are open to accredited riders 13 years and over and can be attended either casually or a concession can be purchased for all six classes.


Sam Webster – UCI TRACK CYCLING WC 2019 Cambridge

Photo: Dianne Manson



  • Flying 200
  • Match Sprint
  • Kierin Sprint
  • Bunch Sprinting

These components of sprinting will be covered across the series so you are encouraged to attend regular sessions to benefit from the various elements.

Groups within each session will be graded by gear ratio;

  • Group 1 Max around 98”     Approx 7.78m – 51 x 14
  • Group 2 Max around 91”     Approx 7.17m – 47 x 14
  • Group 3 Max around 84”    Approx 6.69m – 47 x 15



The following Sundays at 2pm

  • 31st March
  • 7th April
  • 28th April
  • 5th May
  • 12th May
  • 19th May

Please check the track schedule and book online or via the app.

Session numbers are limited.



Casual attendance:

  • Adult: $25 per 2 hour session
  • Youth: $15 per 2 hour session

Existing Month2Month concessions may be used for casual sessions.

Specific Sprint Concession – all 6 sessions:

  • Adult: $120
  • Youth: $70

Concessions must be paid upfront and in advance. These can be purchased at the time of booking online, or at reception.

No rain-checks and no refunds for sessions unattended.



Any questions please contact Del Woodford via email: