Yes, you can Have a Go!

If you’ve never ridden on the Avantidrome and want to give it a try, then yes, absolutley, you can Have-a-Go!

We offer introductory sessions to give anyone the chance to have a go at track cycling. This could be your first ever go on a velodrome and can be a one-off taster session to see if it’s for you; maybe the start of your process to gaining full track accreditation, or just something that you want to tick off your bucket list so to speak. Whatever your reason, we make it do-able and easy.

Our Have-a-Go session is a one hour, track based session which provides you with basic knowledge on how to ride a track bike and the opportunity to experience riding on the velodrome. One of our accredited and experienced Avantidrome coaches will fit you with a bike and helmet and will expertly guide you at your pace, through your session on the track.

Don’t worry, at this stage you won’t be heading way up and experiencing the full banking of the track… but it will give you a taste of what to expect. And yes, anyone can do it – provided you are over the age of 10 (for safety reasons so you can reach the pedals and handlebars on our bikes).

Not for you, rather someone else you know? Enquire about our Have-a-Go gift vouchers.

Call reception on VELODROME or email .

Here's what others have had to say...

“Great intro to the track – definitely plan to be back to do the accreditation!”

“There was a variety of fitness and experience in the people that did the Have-a-Go. The coach did a good job of managing us all.”

“Great experience. Exciting and terrifying all at once. Haven’t done much biking, and never on a track. Made very enjoyable by informed front staff and excellent, quite firm, knowledgeable and encouraging coach.”

“We had a great day, Jill (65) was very unsure to have a go or not. Excellent coach got her going. Will definitely have another go sometime.”

“We had an amazing time – thank you!”

“The coach was excellent and struck the right balance between safety and fun. Thanks a lot.”

What does it cost?

$25 per person.

Includes a one hour session, bike, helmet and coach.

What do I need to bring?

Please ensure you come prepared with the following;

  • T-shirt or top that has sleeves which cover your shoulders (no singlets please)
  • Comfortable shorts or tights. Bike pants are a good idea if you have them, but not required
  • Covered shoes, suitable for riding
  • Water bottle (yes, it is thirsty work!)

Please remove jewellery and watches before you take to the track.

When are the Have-a-Go sessions?

Avantidrome Have-a Go sessions run regularly in the weekends with sessions on a Saturday and Sunday morning that are available for individuals to book in to.

Check our track schedule here to see dates and times – just look for the blue Have-a-Go sessions.

Group bookings of 5 or more can be made at other times on request – simply phone us on VELODROME to arrange.

How do I make a booking?

Easy – just jump on to our track schedule and find the Have-a-Go session you’d like to come to, click on it and follow the instructions to make your booking.

Alternatively you can just phone us on VELODROME, and we’ll do it for you.

What next?

If you enjoy your Have-a-Go session and want to continue riding the Avantidrome, the next step is to become an accredited rider via the Accreditation Process.

The principle behind accreditation is for you to be coached to a level where you can safely ride the velodrome unsupervised. Once accredited you can attend any of the track sessions we offer here at the Avantidrome.

Ask your coach for more info and book your accreditation sessions online or via reception.