The velodrome itself is a fully enclosed, wooden, 250m indoor cycling track.  Surrounding the velodrome we have permanent seating capacity of 1,500 seats, expandable to 4,000 for major events.

3,000sqm of space in the middle of Avantidrome is capable of hosting up to 1,000 people seated at tables. Together with the adjacent seats, the Avantidrome is particularly attractive for one-off type events such as conferences, dinners, exhibitions, award functions, meetings, presentations. The area is large enough to host equestrian, tennis, basketball, netball, badminton and athletic events.

A few interesting facts about the velodrome:

  • The Avantidrome design allows for unimpeded views within the main arena which means that the main structure is required to be supported from the exterior circumference with no internal supporting columns.
  • The Avantidrome building (excluding the office/services building) spans 77 meters across and 120 meters long, bigger than a rugby field.
  • The Avantidrome building at its highest point is equivalent to a six story building.
  • The steel structure has approximately 525 tonnes of structural steel, equivalent to 379 Holden Commodores.
  • The metal roofing/cladding covers an area of 6,800m² which is enough to roof 34 standard New Zealand homes.
  • 3,500m³ of concrete was used, equivalent to a footpath running from the centre of Hamilton to the centre of Te Awamutu.
  • The wood used for the track in the velodrome is Siberian Spruce. A slow growing timber, the grain of the wood is very close which means it won’t splinter.

Avantidrome Opening, 12 April 2014