Avantidrome Accreditation

Perhaps you’ve already tried a Have-a-Go session or are keen to jump straight on in and embark on your journey to learning how to ride on the track regularly. Our accreditation process will provide you with just that!

The principle behind our accreditation process is to provide you with step by step coaching to enable you to progress to a level where you can safely ride the velodrome unsupervised.

A fully qualified coach will lead each accreditation class to ensure you become familiar with the bike, track riding etiquette and skills. This not only protects you as a newer rider, but also others who you are riding with and the track itself from avoidable damage.

The Accreditation Process

The accreditation process is based on completing a series of four Accreditation Modules.

There is no time pressure to pass each module as riders’ skill and fitness levels develop at different speeds. The Avantidrome coach will often recommend riders repeat a class before signing off a module.

Riders must complete each Accreditation Module to the satisfaction of their instructor before moving on to the next module.

Generally it takes about 4 -6 weeks to become accredited. Riders often like to do back to back days to try and complete the accreditation process a little faster. Our recommendation is regular weekly classes.

Accreditation Modules must not be more than 4 weeks apart. If there is a gap of more than 4 weeks between sessions then you will be required to repeat the last module.

As riders progress at different rates depending on ability and confidence on the track, Avantidrome coaches will use their experience to determine if rider is able to progress up the track more quickly or need to stay back. For example, the coach may allow a rider to progress from Module 1 or 2 directly to Module 4 if the rider has the skill, ability and fitness to complete Module 4. Our coaches will not rush you and if you have to repeat a module or two along the journey, that’s perfectly fine too! Your Avantidrome Coach will advise you when you are ready to step up to the next level class.

Cost: $25 per session.

  • 90 minute class session
  • Cycling New Zealand qualified Avantidrome Coach
  • Avantidome track bike and helmet (we do recommend using your own helmet if you have one)

As each class is 90 minutes in duration, it allows plenty of time to develop confidence, skills and fitness required to enable you to progress to one of our Avantidrome Fitness Classes or join in one of our popular, unsupervised Open Rolls.


Accreditation Modules

Below is an outline of what each of the Accreditation Modules covers:


Module 1: Accreditation M1 Introduction to Track Cycling

Your introduction to track cycling and getting started.

Here you will learn about the equipment, pedalling a fixed wheel bike, starting and stopping from the rail and riding on the track at a safe speed.


Module 2: Accreditation M2 Riding at a Safe Speed

Module 1 must be completed before booking onto Module 2.

Here we cover off riding at a safe speed on the track, riding in a line of riders, safe passing and getting a little higher on the track banking.


Module 3: Accreditation M3 Riding in a Group

Module 1 & 2 must be completed before booking onto Module 3.

This module covers riding in a group, moving up and down the track, passing riders in a group, lapping off in a pace line and testing your fitness.


Module 4: Accreditation M4 Fitness & Skills

Module 3 must be completed before booking into this module.

In this final module you put everything you have learnt into practice. The Avantidrome coach will take you through a series of drills and traditional track events to test your fitness and skills. At the end of this module you’ll be assessed as to your readiness to ride the velodrome unsupervised. Once you’re signed off you are ready to join our Open Roll or Fitness & Skills sessions or keep riding the M4 Fitness and Skills class until you feel ready to advance to the next level.



How long is my accreditation valid for?

If you ride regularly, your accreditation remains valid and will not expire.

If however, an accredited rider has not ridden the Avantidrome track for a period of 6 months or more their Accreditation will lapse and they will be required to attend either Module 4 Fitness & Skills, or a Fitness Level class recommended by the Avantidrome staff.

Please contact Avantidrome reception if you are unsure as to whether or not your Accreditation is still valid.


Express Accreditation

Express accreditation is available on request for cyclists that have previous track racing experience or are accredited at velodromes around the world. Depending on your skills, you may or may not be required to do an on track assessment.

Riders requesting Express Accreditation must provide proof of racing / training on a velodrome of similar design.

Please contact our Head of Programmes & Coaching, Colin Dixon to apply for Express Accreditation